This is one of my first jobs in 3D computer graphics.

HAL 9000

 HAL 9000, the famous paranoid computer, in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece "2001: A space Odyssey".


I have created this 3D model, as part of a virtual reality project, where you can go for all the scenarios of the mythical space ship Discovery.


   The L.E.M. or lunar module was a two-stage spacecraft designed for the landing during the Apollo 11 program. The L.M.E. structure was aluminium, being its overall dimensions of 6,98 m of height and 9.45 width with a total mass of 15.061 kg. Consisted of 2 modules well differentiated, the module's descent and the of ascent that were United by 4 bolts explosive acting both as a ship only.


  I created these scenes, as a tribute to Neil Alden Armstrong, first human on the moon. The project is focused on his last days before his death on August 25, 2012, at age 82 years, in Cincinnati, Ohio,



   Design of the Taj Mahal, the finest example of Mughal architecture, was not easy. His design idea emerged to the need to incorporate a "book trailer" - short animated 3D-for my novel "The angel who counted the stars", the virtual recreation of monuments.



   Also the armed vessel "Ville de Paris", is part of my novel "The angel who counted the stars".


Ville de Paris was a large three-decker French ship of the line that became famous as the flagship of the Comte de Grasse during the American Revolutionary War.





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